Dynasty Electric On The Beatles

We've got something exciting for you this week: our very first Celebrity Ranked! As a companion to our Beatles Ranked!, we asked the guys from Dynasty Electric to name their favorite Beatles tunes:

Seth Misterka

My favorite Beatles song is "Tomorrow Never Knows". It is just so heavy and strange, it really stands out in their catalog. I find it very otherworldly, mystical with all the tape effects and backwards guitar, the looping drums, and John's psychedelic lyric and vocal. I love The Beatles, but this track has always been my fave. The other track that really gives me the goosebumps is "Within You Without You."

Jenny Electrik

I really love "Here Comes the Sun." I mean I always have, but a couple of years ago I experienced it on another level. I was listening to the version on the LOVE album. It starts with "The Inner Light" and then morphs into "Here Comes the Sun." I was walking by the waterfront in Williamsburg with my headphones on when I experienced pure bliss: the trees became so alive, the wind blew through my body, and the sun warmed my spirit. Also, I've always really admired George Harrison.

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