Concert Review: The Cure, Reflections Tour

For the record, I rarely mix business with pleasure.

However, in this instance I had to shake myself out of the rose-colored haze I've been skipping around in for the last few days and report that I did indeed drive up to New York to see The Cure at the Beacon Theatre this past Saturday, November 26th, 2011. I loved every single thing about it.

While I'm sure you'd expect that I'd be giving you an impartial blow by blow of the Cure's sold out run at the Beacon, I am unable to do so as I'm still floating on the euphoria cloud created when the band exploded from sheer greatness at the end of the third line up change.

All was right with the world this past Saturday as legions of Cure fans emerged from their darkened bedrooms where they'd been holed up listening to Seventeen Seconds since the girl that didn't know they existed failed to notice their particular brand of brooding masculinity back in college. Mistaking that kind of thing for a bad case of heartburn and Bell's Palsy was an everyday occurrence before we received a training course in how to spot a case of unrequited love.

Gone were the morose masses of dejected goths trying to figure out the sexiest way to make their Doc Martens look kick ass and meaningful all at once. Replacing them were the older, wiser and decidedly more joyful fans who just wanted to hear Robert Smith and company blow the roof off the joint, and they did NOT disappoint.

The first three Cure albums in their entirety (Three Imaginary Boys, Seventeen Seconds and Faith) plus b-sides, a few surprises ("The Caterpillar"), and an encore that proved that it is never too late in the evening to bring down the house all over again, the Cure rocked my face off.

Tucked into a corner of the Beacon's upper balcony, I danced and screamed the evening away with everyone else, forgetting to make mental notes about the song list or the concert rarities that appeared during the 48-song extravaganza. Instead I sang every word and broke into bad dance moves punctuated by excited spastic flailing that only served to endear me to the man sitting on my left.

When the band left the stage for good and the lights went up, I felt my heart sink a little lower in my chest. It was bright and quiet as the thrilled fans shuffled out into the night, knowing they'd just seen something amazing.

I cannot wait for them to return.

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