The Twelve Days Of Christmas, Day I: Ornaments

Hey guys! It's that magical time of year... where every single website you read cobbles together some haphazard gift guide! And because we didn't want to be the middle school wallflower without a partner when the DJ put the needle on Journey's "Open Arms," we decided to throw our hat into the ring.

Except we decided to take it to the next level. Well, the twelfth level actually. We've divided our list into twelve topics and will publish twelve different lists. Because we love you!

To kick off our Twelve Days Of Christmas, here's a look at some ornaments:

Strip Nick
Every year I host an ornament exchange for several deranged individuals readers and friends. One of the swappers clued the rest of us in to and a, uh, saucier side of Christmas that many people are unaware of. Behold, Santa as sex symbol! Be warned before you go sallying over there during business hours or family time: Strip Nick was just about the most PG-13 thing I could find on their site, but if you want a good laugh or a blue-themed ornament, take a peek over there!

Recommended By: Jett Superior

Yoda With LED Light Saber Tree Topper
My mom gave this to us last year and it is possibly the best gift she's ever given. Way better than some lame-o angel or snowflake, let this Jedi Master defend your gifts with his green glowing lightsaber (Force not included).

Perfect For: Star Wars geeks, people who don't want a regular old boring tree

Recommended By: Archphoenix

Zombie Ornaments
Just the usual holidays... but undead!

Perfect For: The bah humbug in your family.

Recommended By: The Weirdgirl

Romulan Bird-Of-Prey
Every year, Hallmark releases a bunch of Star Trek ornaments, but the ships are always my favorite. This year it's the original series Romulan Bird-of-Prey starship. It's not the most interesting ship to grace the series, but they've already done several versions of the Enterprise as well as the Klingon Bird-of-Prey, the Defiant, and the Klingon Battlecruiser. (If this is all gibberish for you, then you probably don't want this ornament.) I dunno what's up with the blue engines, but otherwise, this one is pretty cool and will be joining the fleet on my tree this year.

Perfect For: Me (or any Star Trek fan on your gift list)

Recommended By: Dave

Rainbow Colors Glass Dancer
I'm a big fan of ornaments that can be used throughout the year. Leah Pellegrini's mini mobiles are the flavor of magic that could go from the tree to the window or fan pull or wherever it is that you hang dangly pretties in your space. In addition to the stock she has on hand, she will work with you to create a custom mobile to your specifications, too.

Recommended By: Jett Superior

Michael Scott Bobblehead
This ornament combines my love of The Office with my love of bobbleheads (dirty little secret: I have over 100 of them).

Perfect For: The boss you hate or the boss whose ass you need to kiss

Recommended By: Chris

Day of the Dead Ornament Sugar Skull
That sugar skull ornament you see over there? I ordered it on a whim from Owl Creek Ceramics last week. Turns out that upon receiving it, it looks even better than the pictures suggest. It's large, sturdy, and the colors are vivid. All of Owl Creek's ornaments are handmade from start to finish--which I love--but what makes them a must-buy is the fact that each ornament is hand-painted on both sides, and each side has a unique-one-of-a-kind design. It's like getting two ornaments in one!

Recommended By: Jett Superior

Video Game Controller Ornaments
Laser cut blue acrylic ornaments in the shapes of your favorite video game controllers.

Perfect For: The video game aficionado or anyone who's really into "themed" trees.

Recommended By: The Weirdgirl

Personalized Wooden Snowflake Ornament & Custom Monogram Gift Box
If you're looking for something rustic and warm, then Timber Green Woods has some amazing eco-friendly ornaments in their shop that are made from sustainable woods harvested right on the artists' farm. I especially love their personalized snowflakes.

Recommended By: Jett Superior

Personalized Video Game Player Christmas Tree Ornament
A smiling child ornament who is blissfully playing video games, personalized with the name of your choice! Commemorate the whole family! (They also strangely seem to be wearing bibs. That kind of freaks me out.)

Perfect For: That punk kid who's going to ignore everyone as soon as s/he opens that first DSi game under the tree.

Recommended By: The Weirdgirl

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