Top 20 Movies Of 1982 (Nos. 6-10)

For this week's Ranked!, we decided to Rank our Top 20 Movies of 1982. Can you guess what #1 is? Let us know if we got it right!

Here are Nos. 6-10:

10. Annie

I LOVE this movie! I love it with squeeing girl passion that I should be slightly embarrassed about (but I'm not). There's a red-headed orphan, there is singing, there is adventure, there is Annie kicking boys' butts and foiling evil plots. It's like a feminist statement wrapped in pro-capitalism propaganda while wearing mink and doing fabulous high-kicks. But I'm not gonna lie, my absolute favorite part of this movie is always Carol Burnett's Miss Hannigan! She shined so much in her role as the dictatorial head of the orphanage that she made me aspire to be slightly sodden and dripping in flapperesque accessories. I really wanted to learn what gin was because of her. (And you thought it was a family film.) You love her even when you hate her and that is one strong performance. She wasn't the only strong cast member: Tim Curry, Bernadette Peters, Albert Finney, and of course, Aileen Quinn as Annie, the line-up was pretty amazing and I think they made one amazing film.--The Weirdgirl

9. 48 Hrs.

Go on sing it with me: Roooooooxannnne... you don't have to sell your body to the night. Yes those words were recorded by Sting, but they were made famous by Eddie Murphy and when he sang them on screen, it marked the moment that Eddie Murphy became a superstar. I had seen Eddie Murphy a few times on SNL, sneakily staying up way past my bedtime, so I was kind of familiar with him. And of course his stand up Delirious was a staple of HBO and required viewing for my peer group. But 48 Hrs. was his first movie. And it was more than just an Eddie Murphy vehicle. It's a great movie on its own. 48 Hrs. was the first buddy cop movie that ended up creating a sub-genre of movies. And it's still the best.--Daddy Geek Boy


Ok, yes, it's kind of a cheeseball film. But I remember being blown away by TRON when it came out. My dad is one of the original computer geeks: we had an Apple II+ in our house in 1981 and I didn't know anyone else that had a home computer at that time. So I grew up being fascinated by computers. I didn't know how they worked, but I loved playing games on them and watching my dad mess around with them. Enter TRON, a story with crazy amazing visuals and computer games fought to the death. Coolest thing ever? I thought so. I'm pretty sure TRON was largely responsible for me being the geek girl I am today.--Archphoenix

7. Tootsie

Tootsie is a very serious movie wrapped in a very funny package. The chauvinism and gender struggles that emerge as Michael, the perfectionist actor, transforms himself into a woman to get a soap opera job is nothing to laugh at, yet the film manages to deftly expose the everyday indignities women experience in a way that's approachable, even funny. It doesn't paint our gender roles as broad stereotypes but as nuanced extensions of our own flaws, from selfishness and insensitivity to our overwhelming desires to please, to connect, to succeed. And it has Bill Murray! EVERYTHING is better with Bill Murray! But really the best part is Dustin Hoffman's performance, which might be his best ever. Like everyone in the movie, you absolutely forget that there's a man behind those giant glasses and buttoned-up blouses. Tootsie is entertainment that doesn't insult your intelligence, and isn't afraid to leave you thinking once you're done laughing.--CroutonBoy

6. The Thing

Like so many of these films (or any film for that matter), I didn't see this until pretty late in life. Actually, just within the last year. *dodges rotten fruit* It actually took the recent "prequel" of this film to persuade me to see the old one. For a film from this year, it's so much fun to watch the effects and fun throughout! The movie is still scary and holds up now, even if it sometimes comes off as downright funny. The mystery remains: what exactly is the thing? We never want to know, because that would take the fun out of it! This one's between the cheesy horror movies of Mothra days and some of the story-driven oddities of today like Cabin In The Woods, which, in my book, makes it just about perfect for a night in with friends any ol' time.--J-Hawke

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