Satan Ruined My Sweet Dreams

I was looking for a good song to kick off my hump day yesterday and settled on "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics. And that made me remember the Marilyn Manson cover from the '90s.

There were a number of '80s songs covered in the '90s, some pretty good, some pretty awful, but the Manson version of "Sweet Dreams" really creeps me out. It's like Satan took a puppy and said "Hey cute little puppy, want some nightmares? Listen to this song while I eat this baby unicorn!"

Just for the record, things that creep me out: spiders, eyeballs, this cover.

If you haven't heard it, here you go:

And before you ask, there are a few Manson songs that I do like, so it's not just a Marilyn Manson dislike.

Because I don't want to end on a totally skeevy note, here's a cover that I don't hate. Though I did die a little on the inside one day when I was at work and a co-worker of mine, who was a young college kid, didn't know that it was a Michael Jackson song and argued with me that it was an original Alien Ant Farm song till I proved it. Kids. *sigh*

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