Everyone Needs A Hobby: Prince Continues His One-Man Crusade To Save The Overseas Newspaper Industry

Have you picked up a copy of your local newspaper recently? This probably doesn't pertain to you if you live in a major metropolis like New York City or Los Angeles, but for the rest of us, our local papers are sad shadows of their former selves. I bought a copy of my local paper the other day and what once was five proud sections including the want ads, was now crammed into two (which included the want ads). I turn on the television or surf the web and see we're not experiencing a news drought, so what gives?

Prince, who once delivered the most depressing newscast ever in the song "Sign O' The Times," is looking to change all that. At least overseas.

In July of 2007, Prince gave away copies of his Planet Earth CD in copies of Mail On Sunday, a London-based newspaper. This was the first place that fans could obtain Planet Earth. (This was nearly three months before Radiohead's giveaway of In Rainbows, but no one remembers this.)

Prince is set to give it another shot: on July 10th, the first place you'll be able to get his 20Ten CD will be in the Belgium newspaper, Het Nieuwsblad. Fans in Germany will be able to snag a free copy on July 22nd in Rolling Stone magazine (which, I'm told, doesn't alternative covers between The Scorpions, Kraftwerk, KMFDM, Rammstein, and Falco).

Think he'll follow suit with something in the US? I hope so. You can purchase his last album, the 3-CD LotusFlow3r, for $4.99 at Target, so he's practically giving it away for free anyway.

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