In Honor of the World Cup

For my birthday I made my boys take me to a MLS soccer game. (That's a football match if you're from anywhere else in the world.) I haven't seen a soccer game in a zillion years and the weather was great so I thought it would be fun. I also want to watch some World Cup games so I needed to get my head back into the game. But I digress. While I was at the game I remembered that Umbro shorts used to be all the rage in the late '80s/early '90s. Remember these?

They were all kinds of popular at my school. Some kids even doubled them up to layer the colors - what's cooler than one pair of Umbros? TWO PAIRS!

I had more than a few pairs myself. In my defense, I did actually play a lot of soccer so I often wore them from school to practice. So they were practical, right? Also, they are insanely comfortable. However, that does not mean they should be paired with a baggy (and probably matchy neon) t-shirt, multi-layered colorful socks, sneakers, and worn every day. I understand this now. (Incidentally, I owned both pairs of shorts pictured on this site. *hangs head* )

Anyone else a fan of the Umbros? Think we will see a comeback?

[Image 1|Image 2]

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