Thoughts On The 2010 BET Awards

Um. So...
  • Only Kayne could pull off a performance as egomaniacal as the one that led off the show. He sounded out of breath in a few places, but overall, it rocked.
  • "Airplanes" didn't sound nearly as good without Haley Williams.
  • Speaking of "Airplanes," I need to go out and buy myself a jaunty sailor's cap.
  • Chris Brown does a mean Michael Jackson.
  • Was it me, or did it seem like we missed the beginning of the Gary Coleman tribute?
  • No thoughts on Queen Latifah. Actually, that's not entirely true. I just don't have any thoughts I'd like to share.
  • It's 10:41 PM ET right now. Prince isn't performing, is he?
  • It's going to be like the MTV Movie Awards when I kept waiting for Katy Perry to perform naked. Never happened.
  • I could see Prince digging Janelle Monae.
  • Ok. Esperanza Spalding's rendition of "If I Was Your Girlfriend" is mighty nice.
  • Wish Alicia Keys would've picked something else other than "Adore."
  • Paii LaBelle is doing "Purple Rain."
  • Did she forget the second verse and just instruct the band to go into the "Woo-hoo" part?
  • Prince caught Patti LaBelle's shoe! Not exactly a drumstick or a guitar pick, but I guess it'll do.
  • Prince seems pleased with her performance. That makes one of us.
  • Wow. Way to drop the ball on the Viewers' Choice announcement.
And... I think that about does it for me!

Or maybe not.
  • I am enjoying "All I Do Is Win" with the marching band.
And... now I really am out of here!

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