Hot Rubber Bracelet Action: Silly Bandz

Since I'm clearly out of touch with the youth of America, and I'm one of the Culture Brats without a kid, I'm just now learning about the latest in rubbery accessories - Silly Bandz!

I was out shopping and did a double-take because a little kid was wearing something that looked a lot like the jelly bracelets of yore. But it was oddly shaped. I did some digging: Silly Bandz come in shapes like animals, cowboy boots, whatever. So when you wear them, they're funky shaped bracelets. Here's the summer beach collection:

By the way, that particular set changes color in the light. Wicked.

And when you wear 'em, they look like this:

I guess you collect 'em and trade 'em and stuff. They're cheap - $5 for a 24 pack. And now I might have a new stupid obsession. And there's a JUSTIN BIEBER PACK COMING!!!!!!

Any Silly Bandz collectors out there? I'm seriously tempted to order some. Some that color change and/or glow in the dark are obviously the best, am I right? Though, ones based on Marvel characters don't need cheap gimmicks. Iron Man rules all on his own. FROM YOUR WRIST.

I wonder if slap bracelets will come back next? I loved those because I could slap the ever loving daylights out of my brother with 'em. Those were good ideas.

[image 1|image 2|image 3]

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