Yes, Some Of The Roses DO Have Thorns

You could feel the excitement through the computer screen two days ago. It started with one status update, then another. There was a celebrity in our city. Our city sees a fair share of celebrities but mostly when they are really sick and not at all in the mood to chat with the locals.

This celebrity was spotted at WOW (Workout World) and as far as I could tell from the status updates on Facebook, people were hanging out outside the building, waiting for him to emerge. I can only imagine what the people who were already working out inside thought.

I was tempted to wake my sleeping toddler and drive to the other side of town for my chance to see him. My teenage self reminded me I had a Poison poster hanging on the back of my bedroom door that I may or may not have kissed a few times.

But apparently I've matured at least a little. I let my sleeping toddler lie.

But I can admit I'm a little jealous of those people who met and hugged and took photos with Bret Michaels (who was on his way to Sturgis) two days ago.


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