Big Stud... And Not That Hunky Guy In Your Math Class

Yeah, yeah, what goes around comes around and that goes double for fashion. But especially with '80s fashion: so big in its own right, you can't just repeat the same old, same old... You've got to modernize it. Say it with me, "Mod-er-nize!" Or failing that, let's make it bigger than ever!


I actually like a good stud (bad boy or accessory) but some things should be done in moderation.

Hmmm, which is worse, the crop circle theme or the metal nipples (mipples)?

You know what I was missing from my leggings? Skin divots.

Eve-Ah! (Wall-E caught sneaking around with a new compacter. An E! exclusive.)

I'm sorry, robot models in wind tunnels are just not an appealing ad campaign. Although I do trust I'll be able to deflect bullets with that jacket in the future war.

Never lose your Transformers schematics again.

And last but not least... country western gone BADASS!

Hold me.

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