Hellcats: "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother"

We interrupt this program to bring you Hellcats: Sentimental Gobbledygook.

It all started out well, with the short skirts and gymnastics and spying then it all went down the drain quickly when the focus shifted to relationship melodrama. There isn't one functional relationship happening in this show.

Marti is basically taking care of her mother. Savannah's mother should be shot. Savannah and Dan are doomed the moment Savannah introduced him as her boyfriend. Marti ruined her chance at dating Lewis 'Does this look crooked' Flynn since she's still damaged goods because of an exboyfriend blah blah blah, leaving the door open for Alice who is just a mess, would do anything to win back Lewis 'Does this look crooked' Flynn. Including standing on his shoulders all sweaty in hot pants on the work out mat. That reminds me, that work out mat needs a good delousing or something before the next practice since apparently being all sweaty in hot pants worked on Lewis 'Does this look crooked' Flynn and they worked out hard on that mat.

Seriously though, this episode was really annoying because it was trying to be all emotional and deep and like can't we just get back to the business of wearing those short skirts and watching the boys with out their shirts on...please.

Although I must say when Alice goes all ROID RAGEY on Lewis 'Does this look crooked' Flynn and throws something at him and breaks a window, that was pretty hot.

And to round out this episode and tie up in a neat little package of happily ever after Marti gets up to perform at the bar her mom works at and sings It's A Brand New Day. Because as well as being smart and hot and a gymnast and an awesome dancer she can play guitar and sing.

Stay tuned for next week's episode when Marti develops the cure for cancer and ends world hunger.

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