Hellcats: "The Prisoner's Song"

Is it me or does Savannah's boyfriend Dan sound like he has cotton balls stuffed in his cheeks? I couldn't actually put my finger on it until this episode because until now, he has mainly been a pretty face to look at without many lines. This episode, however, he tries to help the Hellcats with their bid video and it goes horribly wrong. Alice butts in again and tries to stage a coup to replace Savannah as team captain because now she suddenly cares about the future of the Hellcats. Give me a break. Seriously, I think Alice is bipolar. One minute she is trying to sabotage the squad and the next she is flitting around spewing on about how much she cares about the team. Maybe she's not bipolar. Maybe it's the steroids. Anyway, they end up voting and Savannah stays team captain because she's not Alice. Or something like that.

Then there was a bunch of other stuff going on in this episode. Like the love triangle that is starting to form between the Hellcats' coach Vanessa, her boyfriend Derrick and her ex boyfriend Red (yes, that is his name), who happens to be the head coach for the football team. There were some fights. Some fists flew at Red's face, well at least one fist. That Vanessa, she must be one little hot tamale to have all these men almost ruin their careers for her.

On to the other story line, like I said at the end of last weeks recap, "Stay tuned for next week's episode when Marti develops the cure for cancer and ends world hunger." I was wrong, or at least that's been put on the back burner right now, because she has to go and overturn a prisoner's sentencing because he is innocent and a musician who also plays the guitar and sings, just like Marti. In fact, Marti brings Julian a guitar and they sing together right there in the prison visitation room. When she busts him out of jail what should their acoustic bands name be? I was thinking something along the lines of The Carpenters, or Simon and Garfunkel, or maybe Bum Rap, you know since he was convicted of a crime he didn't commit.

Now for a most serious question.

Does this pom pom smell funny to you?

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