Your Image Amped for Halloween

Who doesn't like October? The air is crisp, apples are everywhere, and there's Halloween at the end! Really, is there anyone out there who doesn't like October? Oh, really? Well, then you, yes YOU, are some sort of soulless, I gotta tell you...

...and you can celebrate by having a lovely photo of yourself turned into your choice of Halloween beastie! That's right, Ms. Danielle on Esty will turn your photo (or your loved ones' or frenemies') into a vampire, zombie, or ghost for a measly $5 bucks (which is way more cost effective than trying to figure out Photoshop on your own).

Can you imagine how cute Halloween party invites would look with you zombiefied?

Or how awesome that particularly unattractive picture of your ex would look as a vampire?! (Say that one where you caught him/her on the crapper? You know the one.)

So if you don't like October I suggest you start right now. It might be bad for your image if you keep on hating.


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