The Munsters Are Back? Maybe?

I thought I'd ring in October with some spooky (but not really) news.

Entertainment Weekly broke the news this week that NBC is in talks with Bryan Fuller (the guy behind the cancelled Pushing Daisies) to revive... The Munsters! Now, I realize that this show originally aired in the 1960s, but it re-ran all the time when I grew up so it's kinda of an integral part of my '80s childhood.

It's being touted as "Modern Family meets True Blood" (*snicker*) and Guillermo del Toro of all people is rumored to be interested in working on it.

I liked this show as a kid, but even then I recognized that it was incredibly cornball. Paired with The Addams Family (which, by the way, is currently a Broadway musical) it was an hour of cheesy gothness that I enjoyed.

Vampires are so hot right now that I guess I shouldn't be surprised that networks are looking to resurrect genre shows in their back catalogue but I'm not sure The Munsters is the way to go. I mean, Grampa Munster doesn't even sparkle in the sunlight!

In any case, there's no way the new theme song will beat this:

Any Munsters fans out there? Would you watch a Munsters show as pitched above? Was I the only girl kinda creeped out by little Eddie Munster?


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