SmackTalk Victim: Blubberella

Hello and welcome to Smacktalk, where each week we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the trailer for Blubberella. Hope ya love it!

Chag: Is this Schindler's List?

Archphoenix: Oh dear God, Chag. Uwe isn't really going Holocaust, is he?

A Vapid Blonde: "And all hope is fading." Is this a foreshadowing of my feelings for this movie?

Archphoenix: Vapid, it's a Uwe Boll film. There is no hope that this will be classy. Or watchable.

Chag: Here's a fun idea: let's drink every time they make a fat joke!

A Vapid Blonde: Did she just say she's Zamfir? This is already confusing.

Chag: Great! Just what the world needed: more slo-mo Matrix bullet dodging!

Chag: Ladies and gentlemen, Richie Cunningham's little brother!

Archphoenix: Rolling pins? Really? Oh Uwe. *sigh*

Chag: Ok. I'm drunk now.

A Vapid Blonde: She just killed that guy over a Footlong. All the work that Jared's done for the Subway image, RUINED!

A Vapid Blonde: Did she just poop? Oh my God, what is going on and why is there a cigar girl in the background?

A Vapid Blonde: Chia Hitler!

A Vapid Blonde: I kind of like the Bavarian Beer Fest Wench look. Anyone else craving a St. Pauli Girl... or twelve right now?

Archphoenix: I don't even understand what's happening here with all the weaving. Is it too late to sign up on the Stop Uwe Boll petition?

Chag: So... this is about an obese half-vampire super hero who kills Nazis? They came up with this plot using Mad Libs, didn't they?

Archphoenix: No, Chag, they pulled it from Uwe Boll's magical hat of crap ideas. HOW DOES HE KEEP GETTING FUNDING?

Chag: I just IMDbed Uwe Boll and don't think I've seen a single one of his movies. After watching this trailer, I plan on keeping it that way.

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