Why My Money's On A Mini-Smith Take Over

As part of the Culture Brats predictions for 2011, I predicted:
Will Smith's kids, Jaden and Willow, begin part 2 of their world domination plan in 2011. I for one welcome our tiny talented overlords.
Here's why I made this bold prediction:
  1. I finally watched the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith. And while I still have some issues with it (He's 12! And kissing! And learning kung-fu not karate! And there's a Justin Bieber song! And no Joe Esposito!) I had to admit, it was alright. And Jaden is crazy talented and charismatic. That boy takes after his mom and dad, no two ways about it. And he clearly worked out and worked hard on that film. So kudos to Jaden.
  2. Willow Smith made waves late last year with her pop song, Whip My Hair, and you know it's kinda catchy. And she's what? 9 years old?

And then I read this article on Yahoo. Willow is thinking about remaking her dad's song, Parents Just Don't Understand. And I think that. Is. AWESOME. Seriously. DO IT WILLOW! How cute is baby Will Smith in this anyway?

I just hope the Smith kids turn out relatively ok, unlike so many other baby stars lately. But they both seem bright and sassy and stable in the interviews I've seen lately, so here's to hoping!

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