Rock of Ages: The Movie

If you've not heard of Rock of Ages: The Musical, you should. It's a show based entirely around '80s music, and largely hair metal bands at that. Journey. Whitesnake. Bon Jovi. Poison. Styx. The story is set in 1987 in Los Angeles. A midwestern girl, Sherrie, moves out to LA to become a star. Gets a job at the hottest rock club in town. Falls for a rocker. And it's all kinds of cheestastic '80s music.

Well a few months back there were rumors that a big screen version was in the works. Adam Shankman, best known as a choreographer for things like Boogie Nights, Hairspray, and fan fave Buffy's "Once More With Feeling," was then signed to direct this big screen version of the fan favorite. Ok, I'm down with that. Guy has musical chops.

On Friday it was announced that the film had signed one of its major leads. Tom Cruise will be playing Stacee Jaxx, the washed up rock star who figures prominently in the plot. Tom Cruise. Singing "Wanted Dead or Alive" in acid washed jeans with presumably big glam hair. Seriously.


I know he's trying to rehab his image and all right now but really? Can Tom even sing?

If you need to try a taste of this totally awesome show, here's the footage from the 2009 Tony Awards in which they were multiple nominees and so did a performance.

And here's some live footage of Stacee Jaxx straight from the Broadway show:

Tom Cruise? Really?

The show, with most of the original Broadway cast (including lead Constantine from American Idol) is now beginning its American tour. It's coming to a city near me so I'm, like, totally going to see it. The Rock of Ages official website has tour information if you want to see if it will be rocking a theatre near you.


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