SmackTalk Victim: Die Antwoord, "Rich Bitch"

Hello and welcome to SmackTalk, where each week we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the music video for Die Antwoord's "Rich Bitch." Hope ya love it!

Archphoenix: AH! Vampire skeleton lady! Seriously, why does she weigh 12 pounds?

Archphoenix: Ok, this guy is awesome. Holographic skull glasses and a flattop.

Daddy Geek Boy: I remember those glasses. I used to have them. I thought they were cool. I was 8.

Daddy Geek Boy: A weird look and auto-tune does not a Gaga make.

Archphoenix: And I kinda love that phone.

Dufmanno: She's just like me! I get more work done on the toilet than any other place in the house!

Daddy Geek Boy: I'm no prude, but I really don't want to see my singers on the john. Ever.

A Vapid Blonde: Okay, I'm not sure if I can watch anymore. Girls on toilets = uncomfortable. Girls on toilets with servant standing by to wipe your ass = me getting violently sick. Note to self: don't eat chicken noodle soup and watch this video. Again.

Archphoenix: Pretty wise? Really, dude? YOU ARE IN THIS VIDEO. That, son, is the opposite of wise.

Dufmanno: I'd also like to point out here that MY manservant makes sure that the toilet paper in this house has Ke$ha's face on it

Dufmanno: I'm having difficulty with the image of the gooey brown Nutella smeared all over her face while in such close proximity to the toilet.

Dufmanno: I can no longer understand a word she's saying.

Daddy Geek Boy: This guy looks like my weird uncle Charlie who always smelled like mustard. My parents would never let me be alone in the same room as him.

Dufmanno: I dislike this guy. He just pops up every once in awhile looking like the elderly gentleman who tried to hit on me in Miami during my 1987 visit.

Daddy Geek Boy: How do you think she got her money? Stocks? Bonds? It certainly ain't her singing career.

Daddy Geek Boy: Again with the toilet?

Archphoenix: Ok, seriously lady, this toilet obsession is starting to get really weird.

A Vapid Blonde: I think she needs some kind of medicine for her digestion. She's always on the toilet.

A Vapid Blonde: I would not recommend setting things on fire as a way to get rich.

Archphoenix: Oh no. Religious imagery. It's like this chick is a cross between Ke$ha and Gaga. But, you know, creepier and less talented.

A Vapid Blonde: When she dry humps the air puffs of glitter smoke shoot out of her hoo haa? I am afraid of her.

Archphoenix: GLITTER CROTCH!

Archphoenix: Playboy bunny? Really?

A Vapid Blonde: This whole video scares me. I'm not sure I want to SmackTalk it. But most of all, her eyebrows? WTF?

Daddy Geek Boy: There is absolutely nothing I like about this video, this song or this performer. This may take the award as the worst video in Culture Brats history.

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