Coolest USB Drive Ever?

I am a little obsessed by USB computer accessories because they come in all kinds of crazy shapes, most totally useless. Do I have a purple USB lava lamp for my computer? Yes I do. So I've seen a lot of random and cool USB drives, but today I think I've found the coolest of them all.

Introducing the Voltron 2 GB USB drive:

Here are the specs:
  • Perhaps the coolest USB drive ever made: Voltron!
  • Articulated head and arms.
  • Chest lights up with data transfer.
  • Includes: Blazing Sword!
  • Blazing Sword can be held in hands AND feet!
  • Comes preloaded with a full episode of the classic Voltron cartoon - remastered, for your protection.
  • Dimensions: 3.5" tall.
At $36.99, is it insanely overpriced for a 2 GB drive? Yes. Do I still want it? HELL YES. I think maybe I need a Leap Day gift. Form blazing sword!


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