First Look: Cosmopolis Is Here!

Oh yeah, baby.

Remember when I told you with deep sincerity that you needed to have one eye trained on the work of one David Cronenberg? Yeah, well the warning sirens just sounded and the trailer for his much anticipated Cosmopolis saw the light of day this week.

I thought for sure it would be months until we saw some sort of official teaser for this movie but in a divinely perverse twist, we got what we wanted before we even knew to ask for it. In what is perhaps the most brilliantly bizarre match up since cottage cheese met pinapple, the unlikely pairing of Robert Pattinson and Cronenberg appears to promise great things.

Frankly, all of you people need to strip yourselves of whatever expectations you might have for this film and just go on this sex and violence fueled romp across town in the limo without the baggage you usually carry into the theater. If you can just let go and trust David, it looks like you are in for one hell of a ride.

Here's the NSFW teaser trailer:

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