Seven Questions In Heaven With Level Up's Connor del Rio

I can count on one hand the number of shows my daughter likes that I enjoy as well. One such show is Cartoon Network's Level Up, a tale of a group of gamers who accidentally open a portal and, along with the help of the game's creator, must send all the bosses and villains and monsters that escape from the game back home. Level Up's cast was nice enough to sit down and chat with us and we're going to feature a different actor each week.

Today we're spending Seven Questions In Heaven with Connor del Rio, who plays Dante on Level Up.

Tell us about the character you play on Level Up.
Dante is impulsive, spontaneous, and intelligent in the weirdest of ways. Some people might think his decisions are foolish, but they make sense in his head. And for him, that's all that matters. He loves to skateboard, loves to draw, and listen to rock 'n' roll! Not to mention he loves, loves, playing COAW (Conqueror Of All Worlds) on his computer with his best friends Lyle and Wyatt.

Do you share any common traits with your character? Any noticeable differences?
Dante and I both love rock music. We both enjoy our share of video games. We share a very open mind about the world around us. And we don't judge a book by its cover! When it comes to differences, I am not as good of a skateboarder as Dante. And I don't wear as tight of pants as Dante. Ha ha.

Which has been your favorite episode so far and why?
My favorite episode so far would have to be "Hampire Weeknight," because the whole crew was included in the entire episode and it was all set in one location, the school. It was a really fun episode to film!

When did you first realize you wanted to be an actor? Was there a particular event that triggered it?
I first realized I wanted to be an actor in my first improvisation class at Second City in Chicago. The first game we played was called, "Zip, Zop, Zap" and after that, I knew acting/comedy was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The event that triggered it was actually my best friend's mom (Patty Rogers). A lot of people during my life had always thought I WAS an actor when I never was. Well, one day I was sitting down with Patty waiting for my best friend Billy to get ready. And I asked her, "Patty, do you think I should go into acting?" And she said, "Yes, I think you would be great." And that was it!

What actors and actresses do you admire or look up to?
Bryan Cranston, Sam Rockwell, Jim Carrey, Natalie Portman, Robert De Niro, and Lucille Ball. But Bryan Cranston is my number one idol.

Before you began work on Level Up, were you much of a gamer? Has Level Up changed that?
Oh, I have always been a gamer. I'm the guy that waits at a game store till midnight to get the first release. Level Up hasn't changed that a bit.

What are your five all-time favorite video games?
  • Halo 1
  • Halo 3
  • Halo 2
  • Halo ODST
  • Halo Reach That is not a joke.
Level Up airs Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM on Cartoon Network.

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