Top 20 Albums Of 1981 (Nos. 16-20)

For this week's Ranked!, we decided to compile our favorite albums from 1981. Did your favorite make the cut? Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments!

Here are numbers 16-20:

20. Prince, Controversy

I had to listen to this album at a friend's house in secret because it was so shockingly dirty. And I loved it. This weirdly sexy guy with a freaky high voice was singing things like "Do Me Baby." Sexy, funky, and raw, this album was an eye opener for a young sheltered suburban girl.--Archphoenix

19. Adam And The Ants, Prince Charming

This was Adam's last album with the Ants before embarking on his successful solo career. While this wasn't the strongest output from the band, Prince Charming served as a serviceable bridge from Kings Of The Wild Frontier to Friend Or Foe and was responsible for Ant classics like the title track, "Stand and Deliver," and the infectious "Ant Rap."--Chris

18. Public Image Ltd., The Flowers Of Romance

Four words:

17. U2, October

Ask anyone when they became a U2 fan and you'll usually get impassioned responses ranging from "birth" to "as soon as I could form words," but I've always had a more practical approach to enjoying this band. I just don't get caught up in the hype. Truth be told, after the release of Boy, with its rough riff-laden tracks, I was expecting much more of the same from their sophomore effort, but October really was a departure. It was slower, more thoughtful, and big on the Latin, something I had a real understanding of at the time. Whenever I speak to truly rabid fans of the band, they always rank this record on the bottom of their best of lists and I wonder if it got a bum rap. True, it wasn't as fiery or in-your-face as much of their other work was but it had some poignant moments and a few foot tappers. U2 devotees are a tough lot. I will tell you that "Gloria" is clearly and unapologetically one of the most moving things I've ever heard them perform live and I think it's time October took its rightful place in the hierarchy of important releases.--Dufmanno

16. AC/DC, For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

It may surprise you to discover that prior to sporting a blunt Astor Place haircut, Doc Martens, and new wave sensibilities, I had a deep and powerful need to rock. With the untimely death of Bon Scott and his sweet ass powerful pipes many thought AC/DC just wouldn't go on. Enter Brian Johnson who had proved his mettle with his debut on the seminal Back In Black and shown everyone that no matter who was singing lead, AC/DC was still bringing it in big heaping fistfuls . Angus was doing it in short pants and a uniform blazer, but he was still steamrolling 'em. If you can stop yourself from screaming "Fire" during the theatrical cannon explosions during the chorus of the title track then you have superhuman restraint. "We roll tonight, to the guitar bite, and for those about to rock (FIRE)(BOOM) we salute you."--Dufmanno

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