First Look: Red Dawn

We've been talking about the remake of Red Dawn for a long, long, long time. Usually when a film is shelved this long, it's because it really sucks. That's not (entirely?) the case here: they did go back and do some reshoots, but ultimately the delay came because the studio making the film (MGM) filed for bankruptcy and things got all tied up in court and blah blah no money blah blah. Ironically, the delay may actually help the film because the leading men, virtual unknowns when they filmed the thing several years ago, are all having a moment: Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta in the Hunger Games) are both pretty hot right now.

Anyway, they've finally got a release date (November 21st), a poster, some images, and the first trailer. So here goes, the first look at the remake of the '80s flick Red Dawn! Wolverines are go!

So yes, it's still commies invading, but it's North Koreans and not Russians (or Chinese as it was in the original draft of the remake). Yes, it's some American kids (played by a couple of Aussies) fighting to take back their town. And yes, it did say Connor Cruise, Tom Cruise's adopted son, was in it. Oh and it's the directorial debut of Dan Bradley, a veteran stunt choreographer. Oscar nominee, am I right? Ah well, more Thor isn't a bad thing (according to my mom).

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