Culture Consumption: Sapient, Leogun, And LOLwork

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Song Of The Week: Sapient, "Shotgun In My Spaceship"

Album Of The Week: Leogun, Leogun EP
Do you remember rock 'n' roll? Sure, there are still indie bands that strum a guitar or two, but do you remember balls-to-the-wall, in-your-face rock 'n' roll? Leogun does! On their debut EP, they showcase the talent that spurred Yamaha to sign Leogun as the very first act to their new record label. You'll hear nods to Zeppelin sprinkled throughout the EP, but make no mistake: Leogun has a sound all their own that kicks you in the mouth and demands your attention, led by Tommy Smith's killer vocals. This EP has me eagerly anticipating their full LP in 2013.
Consume Now: All four tracks, but "Let's Be Friends" and "End Of The World" rock the hardest.
TV Show Of The Week: LOLwork
I know it's probably premature to gush about a reality television show that's only aired one episode, but I love Bravo's LOLwork. The show is about the staff that runs the I Can Has Cheezburger? website. While the website itself does absolutely nothing for me, the staff certainly does.

Now I realize that the devil is in the editing and these people might not be portrayed onscreen the way they are in real life, but my two favorite people on the show are Sarah, who I think has a crush on fancy-haired Forest and may also be a real-life version of April Ludgate, and Will, who appears to be a misanthrope that not-so-secretly drives the rest of the staff crazy.
Here are some of Will's best lines from the debut episode:
  • Sleeping is cute. Dead? Not cute.
  • The less hair a cat has, the more likely you are to see its genitals.
  • Dogs hump your leg. Do I have to give any other reason why cats are better?
  • Oftentimes people tell me, "Wow. Your cat's like a dog." I tell them to shut up.
Here's the first part of the debut episode:

LOLwork airs on Bravo on Wednesdays at 11:00 PM and is repeated throughout the week.

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