SmackTalk Victim: Ke$ha, "Die Young"

Hello and welcome to SmackTalk, where we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the music video for Ke$ha's "Die Young." Hope ya love it!

Robin: Great! I love "Seven Nation Army!"

Chris: True story: I almost bought a light blue-colored hearse back in my younger days. My then-girlfriend talked me out of it.

Chris: Is Ke$ha dead? Or is this some sort of really weird tour rider?

Archphoenix: This is like some weird San Francisco Day of the Dead Pride parade. So yes, I kind of love it.

Chris: C'mon. There's no way Ke$ha can be a member of the Illuminati, right?

Archphoenix: I think Illuminati have to wear pants, Chris. So no.

Archphoenix: And now there's a circled pentagram. It's like a "Where's Waldo" hunt for occult symbols!

Robin: I think Ke$ha's breasts have been working out.

Chris: You know, I think even I could be a backup dancer for Ke$ha. The moves seem fairly simple.

Archphoenix: Right? It's like the "Beat It" dance for the rhythmically unskilled. Let's go auditionm Chris!

Robin: Way to stay off the grid... by texting.

Chris: South Of The Border is the world's worst tourist trap.

Archphoenix: It's like Barbarella meets Dances With Wolves now.

Robin: This has confirmed my big lesbian crush on Ke$ha.

Chris: Does this mean Ke$ha killed the wolves?

Archphoenix: I like that there's a clean mattress in this dirty abandoned mission for Ke$ha to writhe on.

Chris: You know, as much as I like to pick on Ke$ha, I do love this song very much.

Archphoenix: Yeah, her stuff is major earworm material for me. This has been in my head since I first saw the video.

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