Gary Numan Is Starring In A Cross Between Vacation And Beethoven, Only It's His Real Life

Okay. That title might be a slight exaggeration.

Synth pop pioneer Gary Numan is a kickass musician, but he's also a husband and father. And like a lot of fathers, when the weather turns warmer and school lets out for the summer, it's road trip time for his family! Numan has loaded his wife, their three daughters, and their very large dog into a rented RV for a twenty-one-day road trip. And thankfully, he's decided to tweet the trip!

Things started out innocently enough:

(BTW, how cool is Gary's house?)

Like any vacationing father, Numan breaks out the camera and starts posting pictures of his family:

And then the mood suddenly changes:

One minute, they're enjoying themselves at Toy Town. The next...

And if things weren't already bad enough: a family trip to Walmart!

Apparently the cherry cosy lights were all they needed. Peace was restored.


But a quick trip to the river changes everything again:

And that's all he's posted so far. What will tomorrow bring? Where are they headed? Who knows? But you can follow Gary Numan on Twitter and come along for the ride with us.

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