Luck around the world

Have you ever smashed a mirror and been told you're doomed to eight years bad luck? Or your friends push you to the side of the pavement to prevent you from walking over three drains? Superstition is a funny thing, but it is global.

Around the globe, different countries and communities have their superstitions about what can bring them good and bad luck. One place you will always need a bit of luck in is casinos, although probability plays a factor, we like to think betting on our lucky number will help us win cash. Check out this casino from Paddy Power and see how lucky you are today:

With the highest concentration of nations in one continent, Europe has many different cultures who all have their superstitions. One country well known for bringing good luck is Ireland. The luck of the Irish is a common phrase and many aspects of the Emerald Isle are said to bring you good fortune, such as kissing the Blarney Stone in Blarney Castle.

To receive good luck in Portugal, you must spill wine on the table, while in France, you need to touch the red ribbon of a sailor's hat. In Iceland, you are told to move house on a rainy day to bring good fortune, although we're not so sure that would make a joyful experience, especially in the cold winter months.

Of course, there are some ideas in Europe which bring you bad luck. Putting a handbag on the floor in Poland will bring you bad luck, as well as killing spiders in Finland and Slovakia. Some ideas are extremely peculiar, in Croatia you should never cut your toenails on a Sunday.

South America
This region of the world is teeming with Latin American tales. One of the most surprising superstitions to know is that in South America, it is Tuesday the 13th, not Friday, which is considered bad luck. You will find this belief in other areas of the world, specifically in Portugal.

The good fortunately outweighs the bad, and there are plenty of things you can do to bring you good fortune. By pinching a redhead or wearing yellow underwear, you will receive good luck. In Chile, folks believe that stepping in dog poo will bring you good luck, although we're not willing to put that theory into practice.

Have you ever been sitting at a table with bundles of energy so much so that you can't stop your legs from shaking? In South Korea, it is considered bad luck. In China, you should never flip a cooked fish even to check if it's cooked on the other side it is said doing so will lead to a ship capsizing.

In Tajikistan it is bad luck to pass money between hands, you must place it down for another person to pick up. Another way to welcome bad luck in Asia is by growing facial hair, not only is it a sign of peasantry but also is said to bring bad fortunes for your family.

If you're trying to find some good luck in Asia it'll be a hard push. Buying a Jade stone and keeping it either in your bag or on your desk, is said to bring gold, wisdom, energy and truth. If you travel to China, you'll find many Jade factories, waiting to ply tourists with good fortune.

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