Weekly Dispatch

Going into the dark, seemingly bottomless chasm of mid-Feburary there's usually a terrible energy drought and a lack of reasonable things to become excited about. Now, here we find ourselves with an all hands on deck type of week where we accelerated right through five graduated levels of readiness straight up to DEFCON 1. Honestly, I was woefully unprepared.

Rage Against the Machine is touring. I may have been a child of the 80s but I remained an emotional infant straight through the 90s so my excitement here is profound and legitimate. Would you like to do away with some pent up hostilities? Interested in smashing something? Are you prepared to go even deafer than you already are, precipitating what will probably be a full year of you yelling "what?" at your family? Get a ticket to this concert. It might be your only chance.

Today is 2/13/2020. Does that ring a bell for you? It's everyone's Berlin Alexanderplatz loving, straight edge uncle's birthday, and he's 59. Soak that in for a minute. Henry Rollins is a year away from 60. It seems like just yesterday we spoke to him just shy of turning 50, an interview I did while parked in an elementary school car pick up line while in my pajamas.

Morrissey, Bauhaus, and Blondie are headlining yet another 80s alt music festival. It's called....wait for it.....Cruel World. Gen X, are we ready to collectively let Morrissey back into our hearts again? The festival takes place on May 2, 2020 at the Grounds at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson California. It's a sports health park so that's key in case SM gets a case of the vapors. It should be noted that many of your favorites will also be playing, including Devo, Echo and the Bunnymen, The English Beat, Violent Femmes, The Church, the Psychedelic Furs, etc.

David Byrne's AMERICAN UTOPIA on Broadway is ending February 16th. Heralded by critics, and adored by fans. Here's to hoping that after closing up shop at the Hudson Theatre that they tour and give the rest of the country a chance to see this show.

Everything old is new again. Bikini Kill is back at it with a tour (that is selling out quickly) and its original line up. Check your city and see if they're stopping near you.

Guns N' Roses are on a massive stadium tour. Saying that sentence brought me directly back to 1987 like a blast of Aquanet. Get ready, because apparently, we all need to take our Geritol and get out to see this.


I'm exhausted. Now let's all get out of our soft sweatpants and begin to live again.

I wonder what kind of drum thrones Guns N' Roses uses.

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