What Sustainable Fashion Means for the Next Generation

The fashion industry has had a tremendous environmental impact, but not in a good way. Many who have become aware of the effects are making it their mission to fix as much as possible while making personal and widespread changes. Sustainable fashion is sure to have an impact on the next generation in many ways.

Upcycling and recycling will take priority

Rather than simply tossing clothes in the garbage when they get damaged, it is the hope that the next generation will focus on upcycling and recycling. For example, if they want to upcycle a shirt they cannot fix from the Bella + Canvas baby tee collection, they can turn it into a bag or a dog toy or make belts or hair accessories. Depending on the damage, they could do strategic cuts to alter the look and design of the top rather than transform it into a completely different item.

Additionally, they can donate any unwanted, damaged clothing to recycling spots where other creatives will use the material for their own purposes so it does not end up in the garbage.

Fashion skills will become more widespread

Part of sustainable fashion is repairing damaged clothing or fixing what you want to be modified rather than simply throwing the garments in the trash can. The next generation could easily do this by learning more fashion skills.

For instance, knowing how to sew on a button or a zipper, hand-sewing and/or machine sewing, dyeing, fixing a fallen hem, and repairing holes are some of the skills worth knowing. It is also significantly cheaper to understand how to do these things yourself rather than taking them to a professional, especially if you are fixing a large batch of clothing items.

However, if it comes down to throwing out the item or bringing clothing to a sewist or tailor when you know they are more adept at fixing the flaw, the latter is still a much better option.

Many online videos, courses, and tutorials offer easy guidance for fashion projects ranging from simple to exceptionally challenging. If you know how to do the previously mentioned skills yourself, consider teaching them to your kids, especially if they are stuck inside for the day and need something to keep them busy.

There are additional eco-friendly fashion techniques

From dyeing clothes with eco-friendly dyes to 3D printing, the next generation will likely want to see and use more eco-friendly techniques in fashion. They will also develop new sustainable methods that can significantly impact the fashion industry for the better.

There are more sustainable fashions

The next generation will not significantly waste time developing more sustainable fashions as techniques improve. While there is a good selection now, it could be somewhere else.

As we move forward with an improved understanding of how our decisions impact the environment, many designers and others in the fashion industry are likely to forgo many traditional practices from the past in favor of ones that are more eco-friendly and beneficial to the planet.

Less waste ends up in the landfill

Approximately 11.3 million tons of textile waste yearly are in American landfills. That is a horrific statistic. That means it will take less than nine years to surpass 100 million in America. Informed individuals will likely do what they can to significantly shrink that number by coming up with new and better methods and approaches to fashion.

More secondhand shops will appear

The more demand for something, the more likely people will work to create a supply (aka a solution). As the popularity of secondhand clothing increases, including for vintage fashion, chances are you will start to see the next generation opening up brick-and-mortar and online secondhand stores.

This practice will allow individuals to have a place to easily donate clothes they do not want while also having access to pieces that can improve their wardrobe. Brick-and-mortar stores could also consider providing other ways to positively contribute to the fashion industry, such as offering a textile recycling program or having a seamstress on staff who could fix minor issues (i.e., a loose button) while you wait and shop.

There will be more respect for nature

It is hard not to have increased respect for nature when you hear more and more about its developments. As heartbreaking as the news, pictures, and statistics are, it creates awareness. Ignorance is bliss is no longer a workable tactic. Knowledge can lead to inspiration and fresh ideas, which–in turn–could help the planet and fashion industry.

Wardrobes will be smaller

The previously mentioned knowledge may inspire individuals to establish smaller wardrobes. Clothing and fashion are wonderful, incredible things, but there is a point where it is easy to lose track of what we have and how we should make the most of the pieces we currently own.

The next generation may focus on establishing capsule wardrobes rather than acquiring new items that catch their eye or as many pieces as possible. If you are considering building a capsule wardrobe, some items include a little black dress, two or three types of denim jeans, a pea coat, a blazer, a white t-shirt, sneakers, and black heels. These items are easily interchangeable for creating several stylish, trendy outfits to sport in different settings.

More eco-friendly fashion laws will go into effect

Expect to see more people demanding that new fashion industry laws go into effect that will help protect the environment. There are several laws already live or proposed.

As the future generation understands more about how the fashion industry operates and where there are gaps where sustainable practices could come into play, the more it might inspire them to make changes.

Considering how long it can take for new laws to go into effect, they cannot happen fast enough for people who want to see positive changes in their lifetime, individuals who want to see the fashion industry evolve, and those who desire nature to thrive.

Encouraging the next generation starts with embracing sustainable clothing and practices now. The negative environmental impact that has come to fruition will not transform overnight, so the sooner everyone does their part to implement change, the better it can be overall.

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