Please, Please Tell Me Now!

Girls in knee socks and pigtails, prepubescent sweethearts with freshly scrubbed cheeks, tall lithe teens with real boobs and fedoras: they charmed them all.

From the very start of their meteoric rise to fame, Duran Duran was rarely short of female admirers (of which, I was one) and secretly held a decidedly more Y-chromosome type fan base who tended to get lost among the throngs of screaming ladies throwing their Underoos on stage.

Still, things have evened out now and those young girls are all a little older and better behaved at this point so we can all CALMLY discuss the much anticipated and long awaited new album by Duran Duran.

Its aptly named All You Need Is Now and the lead single of the same name is available on the iTunes store starting today, December 8th.

From their website:
"Duran Duran have announced the worldwide rush release of lead single "All You Need Is Now" for December 8th exclusively via the iTunes Store. The band will make the song available one week earlier than expected due to the increasing demand among their devoted fanbase. The 9-track digital album All You Need Is Now, produced by the Grammy Award-winning Mark Ronson, is due out December 21st exclusively via the iTunes Store. An expanded physical LP with additional original, new tracks will be released in February 2011 in various format deluxe packages."
So people set your watches, dust off your fedoras and prepare to be amazed, because from the parts I've heard, Duran Duran are back.

This from a girl who actually had a playground fight that nearly came to blows over who was cuter, John or Simon.

Editor's Note: One thing the lovely and talented Dufmanno neglected to mention in her glowing review of "All You Need Is Now" is that iTunes is offering the download for FREE! Free, people! Run! Tell your friends!

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