Culture Brats Top 10 Most Popular Interviews Of 2011

Last week, we gave you the best that pop culture had to offer in 2011 with our look back at the best movies, music, and television shows of the past year. This week, we're looking inward and giving you the best of Culture Brats!

Today, we're looking back at our 2011 interviews. It's hard to believe, but we did forty-seven interviews this year. Crazy, huh? Here are our ten most popular interviews of 2011:

10. The Science Of The Floating City: Thomas Dolby

Thomas Dolby spoke with us about his upcoming album, his online game, his past collaborations, the early days of MTV, how MTV gave his career a boost and nearly killed it, and Jessie J.

9. Last Indie Standing: Troma's Lloyd Kaufman

The co-founder of Troma Entertainment and writer/director of The Toxic Avenger and Class Of Nuke 'Em High talked about the TromaDance Film Festival, indie filmmaking, and the remake of The Toxic Avenger.

8. We're With The Band: Get Scared

Get Scared's Bradley Lloyd discussed touring in a van, their inspiration, their new album, and whether or not he can do a cartwheel.

7. Sunglasses On Airplanes: The Naked And Famous

David Beadle of The Naked And Famous spoke with us about the band, music videos, his musical influences, Nine Inch Nails, jeans, Andrew W.K., life on the road, and rock star moments.

6. Back To Where It All Started: The Human League's Philip Oakey

Philip Oakey spoke with us about The Human League's new album Credo, the band's early videos and MTV, touring, remaining a force for over thirty years, and how the US may have the wrong impression of The Human League.

5. Hanging With The Wild Crowd: Fred Schneider

Fred Schneider talked about The B-52's, the band's new live disc, the secret to their longevity, touring, the band's future, his new song "Batbaby," and what he was planning on dressing as for Halloween.

4. What Rock N Roll Looks Like: Porcelain Black

Porcelain Black discussed "This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like," opening for Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, her new album, and her backstage rituals.

3. Following Her Heart: Susanna Hoffs

Susana Hoffs spoke with us about The Bangles' upcoming Sweetheart Of The Sun, her solo disc, touring, her favorite songs, her advice for young artists, and one night in Chapel Hill twenty years ago.

2. Balls Out: Steel Panther's Michael Starr

Michael Starr, the outspoken front man of Steel Panther, spoke with us about the new album, bad press, touring with Motley Crue and Def Leppard, whether metal's making a comeback, and sex.

1. Tramp The Last Mile: Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins discussed turning 50, how Van Halen and the Stones should hang it up, National Geographic, DNA, his assistant, and whether or not he still feels homicidal toward Edie Brickell.

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