Tron: Legacy

Daddy Geek Boy told us about the awesome Flynn's set up at Comic-Con. What he didn't tell us about is the new Tron: Legacy trailer that premiered at the festival. So here ya go:

Vanity Fair has a nice Q&A with the director, Joseph Kosinski. I was surprised to see that The Black Hole is getting the remake treatment. I recall seeing that film at a drive-in with my parents. I was pretty young when it came out - it might very well have been the first movie I saw out of the house - and the fact that I can remember the film should tell you the impact it had. I recall it being a pretty dark film, and parts of it really scared me. But I still thought the robots were kinda cool. Anyone else see that flick? But I digress.

To go along with the Tron: Legacy hype, Disney's also released a free iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Tron game that's actually kinda slick. You can download it from iTunes here.

If you can't tell, I'm actually kind of excited about Tron: Legacy. I thought Tron was one of the coolest things ever when it came out. I really dig that they've gotten Jeff Bridges (who looks crazy young in a not creepy way) and Bruce Boxleitner in the sequel. Mostly, I just want a lightcycle.

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