Nostalgia For The 00s? Already?

Starting tonight, VH1 is airing the latest in their "greatest" series, the 100 Greatest Songs of the 00s. Like its 80s and 90s counterparts, The Greatest Songs of the 00s, I'm sure, will feature songs snippets and pithy commentary from B-list celebrities, but I'm shamelessly addicted to this kind of nostalgia programming.

The complete list is here, and a few blogs have already added their commentary, notably Stereogum saying, "[...] as absurd as it is, there's something fun about this list, and I'm happy to see great and underrated chart-pop smashes like Blink-182's 'All The Small Things' and Aaliyah's 'Try Again' get some form of recognition, even if it's on a list put together by people who, I'm guessing, don't actually listen to music. Also, it's fun to see 'Seven Nation Army' in the mid-20s, between Nelly and Usher."

The 00s was the first decade I spent entirely as an adult, and a lot of its pop hits flew under my radar, but for an entity as mainstream as VH1, it's a pretty varied list with a few songs I'd actually forgotten existed (Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me"), some that surprised me, because I don't remember their videos actually getting that much airplay in the first place ("Mr. Brightside"), and some that I'm looking forward to simply for the commentary ("Trapped in the Closet"). Even though I still think it's a way to early for 00s nostalgia, not bad, VH1.

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