Bizarre Television Moments: The 90210 Gang Ends Racism With The Electric Slide

What was going through our heads in the nineties? I lived through it and I couldn't even tell you. One thing I do know, in hindsight, is that there was very little irony. Most television was done in earnest, and I, as a teenager, ingested it in true faith.

Nothing is more nineties than the original 90210, and this clip blows my mind. Where to begin? First, the gang hosts a dance with a neighboring urban (read: black) high school that has a history of violence. Everyone's nervous that something will go down, but David Silver raps his way in the hearts of the students. Then, why not mend race relations with the Electric Slide? Also, Brenda is wearing chunky socks with her boots. And Andrea looks about thirty-eight years old. (My favorite part is at 1:42).

May I also remind you that IRL, David Silver is Mr. Megan Fox?

On the bright side, I am thrilled that the cast is making an appearance in Old Navy commercials. Ever wonder what Brandon and Dylan would be like in their forties? Wonder no longer.

I would have and will always choose Brandon, in case you were wondering.

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