First Look: Vamps

A while ago, we told you about Vamps, the newest film from Amy Heckerling. Now that we have an actual trailer, I’m feeling some mixed emotions.

The good:
  • It's got a very '90s, Clueless-esque vibe, with spoiled rich girls and sassy one-liners. Maybe Cher grew up and became a vampire. (By the way, does Alicia Silverstone ever age?)
  • Krysten Ritter is positively adorable in everything she does.
  • Dan Stevens! Dan Stevens! Could his eyes be any bluer? Are they enhanced by CGI?
  • Justin Kirk and eyeliner and a German (I think) accent.
  • I'm salivating over the wardrobe of the women.
The not-so-good:
  • We've seen the vampire thing a million times already. Do we really need another one?
  • Richard Lewis? Really?
However, I'll still see it. Obviously. (It releases on November 13).

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