The Culture Brats Top 10 Best Of The Rest Of 2012

Just like last year, we're recapping everything you loved the most during 2012 at Culture Brats. So far, we've covered your ten favorite reviews, your ten favorite Ranked! lists, and your ten favorite interviews. Now we're looking at the best of the rest:

The Best Hair Metal Songs That Should Have Been In Rock Of Ages
We suggest a few songs that should've been in Rock Of Ages.

Blah Blah Love And War: A Track-By-Track Breakdown With The Rescues
The Rescues share their thoughts on the inspiration, meaning, and recording of the album.

The Canyons is Already My Favorite Movie Of All Time
We ready for The Canyons!

How Mass Effect 3 Affected Me
A look at the Mass Effect 3 game.

The Man, The Myth: Dolph Lundgren
Here's something you might not know about Dolph Lundgren.

Revisiting "It's My Party," The Best Episode Of Family Ties Ever
We remember this classic Family Ties episode.

Revisiting The 21 Jump Street Pilot, Part One
We fondly remember the 21 Jump Street pilot episode.

Sex House: A Perfect Reality Show Parody
We take a look at The Bachelor parody.

Superhero Chucks
We check out some superhero Converse.

21 Jump Street Recap: Now I'll Never Be A Teen Model!
We remember the classic "13 Blown To 35" episode.

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