Juggalo Island Redux

Recently we here at Culture Brats paid a quick but memorable visit to Juggalo Island to have a go at Insane Clown Posse's almost purposeful low budget romp with mixed results. A strange brew of revulsion and fascination swirled around us as we spent the day in clown face, drinking cheap beer and scratching our heads over how much the song sounded like a hardcore Sugar Ray tune.

Anyway, after all this our fearless leader and ace investigative reporter Chag, uncovered (okay he just read it on the internet) this glittering gem of vital importance via The Guardian:

ICP are evangelical Christians. (?) (!)

All that cursing, talking about hos, rape, and murder was a ploy to pique your interest so you could uncover the REAL message lurking right below the murky surface of the toxic sludge-filled body of water that surrounds Juggalo Island.

It's all about God.


Is this their Dallas moment where everyone comes back from a summer of reruns and unimaginable tension, only to find out that Bobby Ewing is NOT dead and that the whole previous season was in fact a big stupid disappointing time waster of a dream?

We've been duped!

I am wearing my sad clown face now mostly because greasepaint is running down my cheeks with the tracks of the tears caused by this revelation.

Sorry, ICP. I had 12 years of nuns that used rulers as advanced weaponry so nothing can top the shock and terror of those life lessons, but I wait with bated breath to see how this pans out for you.

If you need me I'll be on my aluminum fold-out chair watching the sunset on Juggalo Island.


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