Wonder Woman Update

We here at Culture Brats have been following the saga of the Wonder Woman TV show very closely. In case you've missed anything, here's what happened so far:

The show was happening, than it wasn't. Than it was. Than it wasn't. Finally, it officially was. Under the guidance of Ally McBeal creator David E. Kelley.
Worry Meter: Excited, But On Alert

The announcement came that Kelley's Wonder Woman was to be a busy working woman, who juggles her crime fighting with her life as an executive. (Word on the internet was an early draft of the script contained a scene of a distraught Wonder Woman crying into a pint of ice cream.)
Worry Meter: Rapidly Rising

Friday Night Lights' Adrianne Palicki was cast as Wonder Woman. Pent-up fanboys rejoiced.
Worry Meter: Temporarily Pacified

The first look at the new Wonder Woman was posted. Numerous jokes about Halloween costumes and boobs followed.
Worry Meter: Meteoric

Shots of Ms. Palicki shooting an action scene in a slightly different version of the costume appeared online.
Worry Meter: Relieved

Now, we learn that the revised, better costume is one of three outfits that Wonder Woman will wear during the show. The shiny pleather awful one will still be making an appearance.

I'm not one to talk about fashion. Frankly, I don't really understand fashion. But when adapting a comic book property, how you treat the costume is a direct window into how you're treating the character. (Nipples on the bat suit, anyone?) I thought we were done with the shiny, cheap looking, dominatrix-esque Wonder Woman costume.

The more I hear about the direction of this project, the more I am concerned that it's heading in the wrong direction. I hope that in the fall I will be standing corrected, but for now...

Worry Meter: Extremely Pessimistic


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