Culture Brats Top 10 Most Popular Ranked! Columns Of 2011

Last week, we gave you the best that pop culture had to offer in 2011 with our look back at the best movies, music, and television shows of the past year. This week, we're looking inward and giving you the best of Culture Brats!

To kick things off, here are the 10 most popular Ranked! columns of 2011:

10. Top 20 Saturday Night Live Skits

9. Top 16 Bill Murray Roles

8. Top 20 Football Movies

7. Top 16 Movies About Prostitutes

6. Top 25 Musicians Turned Actors

5. Top 16 Winona Ryder Roles

4. Top 13 Shark Movies

3. Top 25 Atari 2600 Games

2. Top 20 Movie Prom Scenes

1. Top 17 Mockumentaries

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