Culture Brats Year One: A Look Back

To help commemorate our one-year anniversary, some of us decided to share our favorite posts from the past year. Enjoy!

A Vapid Blonde
It's my favorite because to this day I still love the song even with the abysmal cover. My love for "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake is and always will be true and ever-lasting. Also? I can still torture my friend with it whenever it comes on the radio, which is surprisingly often. It's like our little tradition that I can see happening well into our nineties when we've forgotten to pop in our dentures and all the S's come out with a cute little whistle. "Like a drifter I wassssss (add whistle here) born to walk alone."

I didn't write the whole article but I did write the intro. It was kind of a childhood dream to "get" an interview from Corey, and, in my mind, was the first big "get" for the Brats. For me it marked the instant when I realized we were, in fact, rad and were going to take over the internet one '80s star at a time.

Concrete Blonde had been one of my favorite bands growing up (hell, I threw away good money for Sting tickets once just to see them open for him). I found her email address and asked if she'd answer a few questions for Culture Brats. I never expected her to say, "Yes." She did and that led to my favorite moment of the year, my interview with Johnette Napolitano. It wasn't groundbreaking, I was nervous as everything, but I thought I was cool as hell for the rest of that day.

Daddy Geek Boy
One of the best things about being a Culture Brat, aside from getting to highlight pop culture goodness, is sparring with other writers. One of the most fun I've had writing a post was my Criss Cross Counter Punch throwdown with a Vapid Blonde when we debated the best Pfeifferest role. I loved our back and forth and it was a creative challenge to match wits with such a brilliant writer.

I'm not quite as prolific as some of my fellow Brats, but I definitely had a post that stood out in our first year. I am old enough to remember the Apollo program, the Apollo-Soyuz mission, and SkyLab, but the part of the space program I followed most closely was the space shuttle program. The loss of the Challenger is something that will always stay with me, and it was the least I could do to post my short memorial to the crew on the anniversary of that fateful day.

Didactic Pirate
Last August, I'd only been a member of the Culture Brats family for a few weeks before Hollywood gave moviegoers the gift that keeps on giving: Piranha 3-D. I knew I had to write about it. I loved the movie, but it occurred to me that if I wasn't a college English teacher who deals with lovable, beery-eyed, hedonistic students every day, I might not have enjoyed all that gory teen evisceration quite so much. Read and see what I mean.

I'm not quite sure why this is my favorite post. Maybe it's because I have short term memory loss and can't remember everything I've written. Or maybe it's because George Michael has been on my radar for the last few weeks and it's OBVIOUS that he took my advice from last year to heart. Whatever the reason, this is it.

Jenny On The Spot
The jelly bracelet one. Because I still like jelly bracelets and I'm deep like that. I really do feel they are the under-appreciated accessory of this new century.

The Weirdgirl
I had so much fun writing this post for a number of reasons: it was when the site first started and we were all buzzing off that energy; it was awesome interacting with my fellow writers in these Criss Cross Counter Punches; and I think most importantly my research led me to a deeper understanding and appreciation of both artists, which is really what loving pop culture is all about. Plus, Chag and I got some really good digs in. Burn!

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